The Black, White & Tan Gift Box

The Black, White & Tan Gift Box

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Black, white and tan and “no, it is not an adult beverage.”

For that hard to buy gift on your list how can you go wrong?

Two GPOE coffee cups, one 12 oz superb Columbia bag of coffee beans and what midwest northerner doesn’t like a warm pom stocking cap to keep their noggin' warm.

Can it get any better than this?  No, wait just to make cranky pants happy we’ll throw in for the old bah humbug a genuine hardwood GPOE Christmas ornament to put a smile on their pout.

Please indicate delivery or pick-up.  Gift Boxed and can be delivered on Wednesday's from 9:-12:00.  Pick-up is on Wednesday and Friday from 3:00 to 5:00.

  • (2) Coffee Cups - 15 oz (1) Black (1) White
  • (1) Black & White Pom Stocking Cap
  • (1)Wood Christmas Ornament
  • (1) 12 oz Columbia Supremo Coffee

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